Day 5 Winter Fun

So it really looks like winter around here.  Every day the snow continues to pile up.  The snowblower has run out of gas more than once.  The HIGH tomorrow is supposed to be 13 degrees below zero (-25 C).  The question is:  Are we having FUN yet?  I am with this painting challenge!



14 thoughts on “Day 5 Winter Fun

  1. Bless your heart, Pam–13 below. Our prediction in the sunny south is for 3 degrees, which is highly unusual. Love your painting and your quilts are amazing! You are a very talented lady!


  2. Yes, this has been one winter already, hasn’t it! When I moved to northern Illinois over 35 years ago (from sunny warm Las Vegas !) I soon realized that Spring sometimes doesn’t come here until May–so I try not to dream about Spring too soon or I get really disappointed.
    Glad you like the dots. I like adding fun details that are simple to do.


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