Day One : I Love Snow

It’s past midnight (Happy New Year!) so I can post my first painting of 2014. We’ve had a very snowy New Years Eve so it seemed only appropriate that I should start off the year with another snowman.    I will be adding this to Leslie Saeta’s blog as part of the 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge.   Day One is done!   See it in my Etsy Shop.




20 thoughts on “Day One : I Love Snow

  1. I’d give your snowman less than 5 seconds in our Australian heat. We are expecting 38 degrees tomorrow. Mum has the kids and I’m recommending they go and see Frozen in the air-conditioning. Happy New Year xx Rowena


    • Thanks, Karin. I think your snowmen are darn cute too! This challenge is the best thing to really get me painting–though it can be a little stressful. I worry that I will run out of ideas. Best wishes to you. We will make it through!

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  2. This is very cute and fun looking! I couldn`t do thirty paintings in 3 months, let alone a few days. I try to be super detailed and OCD with my paintings, so they take a while. And they tend to be humongous too! I could probably do pastel sketches though, I can do one of those in thirty minutes 🙂


  3. I Love Snowman’s and Snow 🙂 lol. I went for a sunny beach theme today 🙂 dreaming of warm sunshine again someday 🙂 but for now… I’ll enjoy our snow 🙂 happy painting 🙂


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