Affairs of the Heart

I recently finished quilting this amazing quilt.  It’s called “Affairs of the Heart” and was designed by Aie Rossman.  All of the applique is done by hand.  This is another fabulous piece of work by Georgia.  She does amazing work!  I used black thread to do some background fillers around the applique.  I also used several different variegated threads to outline and embellish the handwork.  It was tough to see this one go out the door!



The photos really don’t do it justice, but I did my best to capture this wonderful work of art.



21 thoughts on “Affairs of the Heart

  1. Every aspect of this GREAT quilt is WOW worthy! Loely creative quilting! It is the sort of thing I would have loved to do in my quilting days, but never quite got to…. I am so glad someone did and that I got to see it…


    • Holly,
      I have wondered the same thing myself. The quilt was made by Georgia. I quilted it. I had noticed that the borders were different than the pictures I had seen of the pattern. I like these borders much better too.


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