Christmas Art

I’ve joined Sea Dean’s “Gifts & Decorations Art Party”  that she is having on her blog this month.  I’ve been posting some of my Christmas paintings each day.  Several other artists are posting their work there also this month until Christmas.  You can even vote for your favorites.  Click here to see some fun work to get you in the holiday spirit!



13 thoughts on “Christmas Art

  1. Pamela, I love your red bird. Thank you for being part of the ART PARTY. It was such a joyful feeling this morning to check my blog and see so many beautiful paintings had arrived when I was sleeping. Your bird was in the top row and looked like he had a happy message for me.


      • So you are a seasoned pro. It will be my second and it also kick started things for me. Thanks Leslie! 🙂 I will have to be careful not to procrastinate and stay more organized this time. I had many late nights painting and posting. Best wishes. Looking forward to seeing your entries!


      • This will be my third time as well. The first time last January was better timing than September. which I found exhausting. This time I’m hoping Leslie is going to randomly rotate the thumbnails so we don’t have all vie for the top 9 positions. I advised her to do this and she has it on the first day of the 12 days of Christmas, so I’m hoping she will do the same for 30 in 30. Can’t wait to see your work both of you. 🙂


  2. I don’t know about being a “seasoned pro” as I am still very new at this art “thing”. I am learning the most from all of you! I’m very impressed and awed by the art I see in these challenges. I think rotating the thumbnails would be great– though did scroll through them all several times a day. January is a much slower time for me too. Last January, I really struggled with coming up with painting ideas. Now that I have a year of painting under my belt, I hope it will come easier.


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