More Quilt Show Quilts

I thought I would share a few more pics of my quilts that were in the show last week.  First is one I call  French Baskets.  The blocks were made by friends in my guild for my birthday.  When I was deciding how to make them into a quilt top, I found this great fabric (sashings and border) in my stash.  I was so proud of myself for using fabric I already had!  I designed the swag appliqué on the sides because I didn’t have enough of the striped border fabric to go all the way around.  I really like how it turned out.  The primary color scheme is reminiscent of French Provance.  For the back, I incorporated a vintage tablecloth I got off of eBay that had the same colors.  Then I did some fun free motion quilting.ImageImageImageImage

Also in the show was a quilt that I designed and made for my son Scott’s wedding to Robyn (I’m ashamed to say how long ago that was–but it took we a while to finish). Now that it has been in the show, I can no longer come up with any more excuses not to hand it over to them!  The color scheme is a traditional blue and white, but I was sure to leave a lot of negative space for quilting.



8 thoughts on “More Quilt Show Quilts

  1. I have been waiting for pictures from your quilt show. Your quilts are beautiful. That wedding quilt is so striking with the special quilting.
    fun to see the quilt show pictures


    • Thanks, Georgia. Glad you enjoyed them. I went around the show (that we only have every two years) and was surprised and pleased to see almost 40 quilts I had quilted. Some I hardly remember doing! I did take more pictures of those and will add some of them to my website. Today is a rainy Halloween. It’s a great day to be tied to my long arm machine , which I will be as soon as I stop playing around on the Internet. It’s a big distraction!

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  2. Beautiful! I LOVE a freshly made and quilted quilt! As a little girl when I lived in Oklahoma, my grandma would have a big quilting group come and They would all sit around the quilt frame and gossip, and I remember getting a new quilt and it was so soft and warm! These quilts remind me of my childhood 🙂


    • Thanks, Cindy for sharing that memory. Would you believe in all the years I have been quilting for customers, I have never had time to make a quilt for my own bed? I hope to remedy that this year–once I decide what I want. That’s probably what’s holding me back. The French Baskets and the Lone Star quilt from the show are to grace my “showroom” (aka my livingroom) where my customers come to drop off quilts. Pam Schoessow Professional Quilter, Designer, & Artist 847-395-2650


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