My Star Quilt

I have always wanted to make a Lone Star quilt, but was a bit intimidated by the pattern–all those bias edges!  Well, Jan Krentz came to our guild last year and taught a workshop on this very quilt.  So I jumped in.  My star quilt only measures 44″ x 44″.  I knew if I made it larger, it would never get finished.  And it still wouldn’t be finished except for the fact that I wanted to put it in our guild show this past week (I finished it with 2 days to spare!).  I attached a solid green border that would show off my quilting.  I put two thicknesses of batting to give the quilting more definition.  I am quite pleased with the result.


Here are some quilting closeups.  The circles I thought added a funky, modern touch.




33 thoughts on “My Star Quilt

  1. Pam, just realized that you don’t have an Etsy shop. I think it would be a hit. Why don’t you check it out. To open a shop is free. You only pay.20 cents per item and a % of the sale.


  2. Thanks, Pati. I am working on the Etsy shop. I signed up for one a couple of years ago, but never put anything in the shop. Now I have to figure out how to change the name, add a banner and items–It seems a bit confusing when I looked at it this morning. But I won’t give up until I figure it out.


      • That’s what I did and it takes me so long. He did help me with the paypal thing though…

        What takes me so long is posting each photo with all the descriptions.

        I noticed you have a weebly website for your quilting. I started making a website for my paintings and I’m using weebly, but then I realized I could use wordpress just as well. Any suggestions or thoughts on this?


      • Karin, I found putting together the Weebly site quite easy. I was thinking of making another website for my paintings. But what hangs me up is the Paypal thing. I really don’t quite understand it, and I’m worried about making a mistake. I was hoping the process would be easier with an Etsy shop, but I’ll probably need help with that too. I think both a website and a wordpress blog are good to have. Though I guess people sell from their blog–I just don’t know enough–or haven’t tried hard enough to figure it out. Pam Schoessow Professional Quilter, Designer, & Artist 847-395-2650


      • Hey Pam, I went to your quilting site and your work is so beautiful! Your quilting pieces are lovely! and the quilting itself is a work of art!

        I have a site with Weebly I know a little about the Paypal thing (buttons) they are pretty easy to do, if you would like any help if you havent figured it out, maybe I can help. Email me if you like…

        I will do my best to help


  3. When I saw the picture my mouth said “Ooooooh!” out loud. I always love the negative space in your quiltings. First impressed by the giant circles in the green, then the simply stitched star, then the big flowers in the white spaces, and then the wavy curls in the green (they look like waves of steam over coffee). But the colors are along my pallet as well.

    You make up for the art and craft my mom lacks. But don’t tell her that.

    And I have little surprize that your paintings sold. Before I read your post, I literally had a dream that you told us it went well. Even Dream Robyn knows your mad skillz.

    Also, I’m hating that this cold and winter is starting to settle in around us. The *only* bright star is my Pammy Quilt, which has been my cheerful winter beacon since you made it for me.


    • I’m so glad you liked it, Robyn. Your wedding quilt was also on display at the show in all it’s glory. I think you will finally get it now that this is over. I’ll post some pictures, maybe tomorrow. Any chance you can help me set up my Etsy shop? I will try to figure it out on my own. I just don’t have much confidence in that!

      Pam Schoessow Professional Quilter, Designer, & Artist 847-395-2650


      • I can help you with etsy, though I’m no pro. I think it’s just a slow-going process for uploading things and adding descriptions. I’ll try to see if there are any apps or sites that make it a more streamlined process than when I listed things 5+ years ago.


  4. What a happy quilt. I usually do not like Lonestars but this one would be just what the doctor ordered for these long dreary months ahead,It is good to move away from yor usual colours, I think it gives your creativity a boost.


    • The quilting is done by machine, but it is all hand-guided. Basically, I am just drawing with my machine. On this one I used an acrylic circle template to quilt around to make the circles, but the rest is just doodling.


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