I’m happy to report I am now an artist that has sold some of her work!  Here are a few of my paintings that sold over the weekend at my guild’s quilt show.  I really appreciate everyone’s support.

ImageImageImageImageImage I’m SO excited!


21 thoughts on “SOLD!

    • I hope to either get an Etsy shop up this week or at least show all the pics for sale on my website. Then I would be happy to do your interview to help me get my art “out” there.
      Thank you so much for your support!


    • Girl, look at all these people praising you and congratulating you, the ones believing in you, BELIEVE! 🙂 Make a quilt block that says BELIEVE or an art piece that says it, and hang it up in your quilting or art room 😀


  1. You are so right. I already have a couple of plaques in my quilting room. One says “dream” and the other says “hope”. “Believe” would be a good addition. Next step is to actually read them and ACT. I’m afraid I do a lot of thinking and planning but have trouble executing! You are a good example to me. You said you were going to do artist interviews and next thing you were DOING it! I was (am) quite impressed. Now if I can just put in the time and figure out this Etsy thing! I really, really appreciate your support.


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