Frosty and Friends

Winter is coming!  Yikes!  We had our first real freeze last night and today’s high will only be in the 40’s.  After over 35 years in the Chicago area, (I’m originally from hot, dry Las Vegas), you would think I would be used to the cold, but I’m not.  I just grin and bear it.  The good news is that on cold days I can flip a switch and have an instant gas fire in my sitting/sewing room.  I LOVE my fireplace.  I’m even guilty of opening a window on cooler days so the room will get cold enough to turn my fireplace on.  Is that crazy or what?  

Here’s my latest snowman painting.  And coming from me, of course he is sporting a patchwork coat!  Image

What do you like about winter?


10 thoughts on “Frosty and Friends

    • It’s pretty hard to get away from winter here. In Las Vegas, it hardly ever snows, but during the winter, within 45 mins you can drive up into the mountains to ski and get your fill. I didn’t appreciate it when I was growing up, but now that I’m older, I would just as soon live without snow. If I never have to drive in it and I could just stay inside, I don’t mind watching it out my window.


  1. I look forward to the snow in winter. I was born and bred in Montreal in Canada but have lived in the UK for some 20 years now and don’t generally get a lot of snow except for the past three winters. So I look forward to the very first snow but hope it doesn’t last very long. Like you Pam, I like watching it come down in the comfort of my own home.


  2. We don’t get snow here in my part of Australia, but I do love a cold Winter, and like you, love turning on the heater, snuggling under a quilt, or hand quilting with the quilt over me, hot drinks, roast dinners, wearing woolly clothes, brisk walks in the cold air……I just love it!!


    • I’m snuggled up in a quilt, in front of my fireplace right now. And I do like those brisk walks if I’m dressed right. Apparently I heard on the news yesterday that the Chicago area had the earliest measurable snow of the year since 1884. We didn’t get anything by my house. But I’m sure it will be here before too long.


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