Painted and Quilted

I painted this little quilt ( 6″ x 6″) and thought I would do a little “quilting”  on it.  This gives you an idea of how I might have quilted this.  As much as I like my new painting venture, I spend most of my days quilting for customers.   Now I can combine both!



8 thoughts on “Painted and Quilted

    • Georgia, I’m actually preparing several small paintings to sell at my guild quilt show next week. I will have 4 quilts (of my own) in the show–most I have designed myself. I have featured a couple already on my blog (though months ago). There will probably be a dozen or more quilts of others that I have quilted. Nothing as spectacular as your Vintage Valentine, though. But we have a great guild and there will be over 270 really fine quilts there. Wish you were close enough to come. We will have 17 shops vending and a boutique of handmade items by guild members. That’s were I hope to sell some paintings. If you are really set on this one, I will hold it back.

      Pam Schoessow Professional Quilter, Designer, & Artist 847-395-2650


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