Autumn by the Lake

Day 30 Yay!!    Now I can take a rest.  I feel like I’ve really grown as an artist.  I like the work I did this challenge better than what I started with the last challenge in January.  Leslie will have to do this again so I can keep improving!  I almost doubled the number of people following my blog for which I am grateful.  In means so much to me to have someone look at my creative efforts.  I hope you will keep checking out what I’m doing in the days and weeks ahead.

I am especially grateful for all of you that sent such nice, supportive comments on my paintings.  It has really given me the confidence to keep trying.  I thank you for that.  I will keep painting and I will keep quilting.  And I will try to believe that the best is yet to come!

Here is my last painting for awhile.  It is larger than the rest and I really tried to push myself to do my best work for the 30th painting.  I love color, pumpkins, houses, funky birds and quilting.  I tried to get them all in this last one.



13 thoughts on “Autumn by the Lake

  1. Its DONE… FINISHED… FINITO… WOOOOOOOOO!!!! 😀 This is a cute little painting Pam! CONGRATULATIONS on making the challenge, sometimes it has been crazy! I don’t know if I could do it very long, I sure would need to organize and KEEP organized! Thank you for following me and all your support along the way. I will continue to follow your artwork, I feel like I have made loads of new friends 😀 Im having a little break now lol


  2. Congratulations, I do not know how you could come up with a new idea each day. That alone was an achievement , and to make all those very cute paintings -WOW. You did good.


  3. Wow, good for you! I need a challenge or two of similar nature, like quilt on my long-arm every day for a month. That would be a good one…. Thanks for sharing your work. I’ve been enjoying it. If not painting, what’s next for you?


    • Pattern making. I have already made one small quilted wall hanging based on one of my pictures. (I’m not quite ready to share yet). Though It took longer than I thought to design, write and make a pattern that other people could follow. Right now I need to get back to the long arm and keep my customers happy. Thanks for following me!


  4. What a beautiful painting for your finale! I will miss seeing your paintings on my reader, but I look forward to see what you will do with your art and what you post in the future. I wish I was finished, but I’m still going to be working on this for the next couple of days. 😉


  5. Thanks, Karin. I am happy for it to be over so I can take a rest and clean up my mess. I even have watercolor splatter on my sewing machine! Time to do some serious quilting–my REAL job. I look forward to seeing more from you. You are a wonderful artist. Keep painting–the world needs your art! We will keep in touch. How did your art weekend go? I would love to hear about it.


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