Give Thanks

Day 22 

It’s Autumn.  With all the beautiful colors starting to appear and the pumpkins on my porch,  my thoughts turn to our beautiful world.  And how thankful I feel to live in it.  This song/hymn  has been running through my mind:

For thy bounteous blessings

For thy wonderous work,

For thy loving kindness,

We give thanks, O Lord.  

Enjoy the beautiful colors of harvest time!




8 thoughts on “Give Thanks

    • Yes. But the biggest problem I have is making prints. I scan my work into may computer, it looks great on the screen but the color is horrible when I try to print it out. I even went to an Office Max and they couldn’t get the colors right either. Do you make prints of your art? How do you end up with a good quality print that could be sold?


      • No. I’ve never made a print. That is something I’d have to look into. Good question. I’m sure there are some artists out there with good advice. If you find out let me know.


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