Hop Old Squirrel

Hop Old Squirrel  Diddle Dum Diddle Dum

Hop Old Squirrel  Diddle Dum Day!

Or so the old song goes.

These squirrels are definitely using these fine days to get their stash ready for winterImage


4 thoughts on “Hop Old Squirrel

    • That’s what inspired me. We have tons of squirrels and squirrel nests in our tree. When I’m sitting at my computer, I often see squirrels running along the fence out the window. I don’t mind the squirrels EXCEPT when I put pumpkins out in the Fall and they think I’m giving them some nice treat to eat! Pam Schoessow Professional Quilter, Designer, & Artist pamsquilting@gmail.com 847-395-2650 pamsquilting.com


  1. Pam, I love, love, love your paintings!!! They are wonderful, whimsical, happy, fun…all the things that you want them to be! I’m so glad you found me, so I can follow you on these 30 days. Your quilts are gorgeous!


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