Pickle Dish

I was browsing through some old quilt magazines today and came across an antique pickle dish block quilt.  I’ve always been attracted to this pattern, but have never had the time or patience to make it.  Well, now I have–not in cloth of course.  (I’ll just have to add this to the other 99 quilts I would like to make).  I’ve  added some rose “appliques” to my version here.  The triangles spikes and the curves makes a very pleasing design that I just love.  Image


2 thoughts on “Pickle Dish

    • Europe, how nice! Someday I hope my art will be recognized in some way, but really I’m just too busy quilting for customers to worry about it right now. I also struggle with inspiration to know what to paint. This pic came together pretty easily once I got the idea. I’m looking forward to another 30 painting in 30 days this Fall. That will get me painting again. Best to you, Pam


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