Quilting with Pineapples

Quilting with Pineapples

I finally finished my pineapple block quilt. Since the colors are quite bright, I opted to use a calmer pink for the inner border and binding. Besides, pink is my favorite color. For the quilting, I used a circular pattern in the center with a separate pattern (I call ‘wood knot’ in the inner border. I used straight lines in the wide outer border. Since the fabrics are crazy busy, it didn’t make any sense to do more extensive quilting. I love the sewing themed focus fabric. I think I will hang this in my sewing room if I can find a spot.


6 thoughts on “Quilting with Pineapples

  1. Interesting second pattern that is emerging. I love this block. I did one huge bed quilt using over 6000 pieces of fabric. I wanted to work at my stash seeing that I have “stopped” quilting. Might have to try my hand at something this bright and happy. Small flicker?!


  2. Yes, I can see endless possibilities with this block. I’m starting another set of blocks limiting my color palette to my stash of green prints alternated with a cream solid. I’m still at the cutting strips stage. Stay tuned!


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