Pineapple Quilt Nearing Completion

As I told  you a while back, I took a workshop from Gyleen Fitzgerald called “Scappy Pineapple” .  Well I have finally finished 16 blocks that I think will make a nice table topper or wall hanging.  Here is my finished block.  I pieced it in a “controlled scrappy” fashion.


I took my colors from this focus fabric that I just love:IMG_0855

It’s “controlled scrappy” because although I used lots of different prints, I used the same red fabric in the centers and corners.  I also saved the black to use in the last round of the pineapple.  This creates a secondary design when all the blocks are put together.  Here’s what it looks like.


Now I’m thinking about borders.  I want to use my focus fabric for sure, but I also want a skinny inner border.  I’ve narrowed the small border down to two color choices.  Here’s the “audition”.

IMG_0857 or IMG_0859

What do you think?  The black is the natural choice, but I kind of like the “pop” of the turquoise.  I would really appreciate some input before I complete the top.  So should it be the black or turquoise?  You choose.


7 thoughts on “Pineapple Quilt Nearing Completion

  1. Quiting is such a fascinating work! I was really unimpressed with the single block….. Seeing them put together makes an entirely different and wonderful look. While from the photos I prefer the black for the border, you are the one with the eyes and heart to see the real thing. Trust yourself. You will make the right decision.


  2. The quilt is stunning! You can’t go wrong with either edge. The black looks better to me in the photos – but colors are distorted. . . You can’t make the wrong decision!
    Love it,


  3. I say black. I don’t see enough of the turquoises in the blocks for it to unite, but that could just be the picture. And I’m not good with color. If you think the black is too boring, then there’s your answer.


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