30 Day Collage

30 Day Collage

Can’t believe I’ve got all these pictures now. Two months ago, I didn’t have any!


3 thoughts on “30 Day Collage

  1. WOW! Congratulations! They all look wonderful in your collage! As I looked through the many collages on Leslie Saeta’s blog, I was struck by the many artists who have total integrity from piece to piece. Within some (the most impressive ones to me), the focus of design, concept, color usage, etc, was beautiful. Yours has all of that! I am in awe. Well done!

    I have still not figured out how to do the 30 piece collage…..


    • Thanks, Marilyn. It was fun to see all my paintings together–yeah, they really do all look alike. It wasn’t hard to do. Go to Leslie’s Jan. 31 blog post and click on the PicMonkey link. Once you are there, it’s pretty self explanatory. If I can figure it out, anyone can! (I am NOT technologically blessed!)


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