Day 26 Cabin Fever

Day 26  Cabin Fever

I love the log cabin block. With one light side and one dark side, there are so many possible patterns. This is the “Streaks of Lightening” setting. I liked my drawing, but labored over the painting and am not very satisfied. But it’s done and so almost is this challenge. I am starting to get “painter’s” block!


4 thoughts on “Day 26 Cabin Fever

  1. Painter’s block, you do not have. You are doing beautiful and fanciful work and I applaud your efforts. They are unique and simply delightful!


    • I guess I’m just feeling the pressure of having something wonderful to post every day. If I could do this one again, I would change some of the colors. I wonder if I have another 5 paintings in me that I really like.


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