Daisy Maze

Daisy Maze

I was listening to Leslie’s podcast yesterday about the elements to a good painting. She said something about diagonal lines and something in the bottom right corner adding interest. Since I’ve never had any art training, this is all new to me. I’m not sure I really understood the concepts, but this is what I came up with.


4 thoughts on “Daisy Maze

  1. Your lack of art training is not evident. All you have learned from your fabric work is additive to your work as a designer in watercolor. You are absolutely wonderfully fanciful and joyous in your watercolors. Listen, of course, but simply continue on the path you are on. It is unique and very special.


  2. I think that training just helps you understand what works and what doesn’t, and why. It also makes you practice till your fingers hurt…your work is beautiful, well balanced, and has great use of colour. Training or no training, it’s good, so keep going.


    • Thank you so much. I really appreciate the comments. I started participating in this challenge mostly to get some feedback from real artists and I have been so amazed at the helpful encouragement I have received. Thanks again.


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