Day 22 The House on the Hill

Day 22  The House on the Hill

I thought I would try a landscape. Pretty wild, huh? Maybe not that successful, but I’m learning. I was going to call it “Down in the Valley” but then I thought that it’s always better to look up. Our view is so much better from the top–you can see the flowers, bask in the sunshine and have a much better perspective on life.


6 thoughts on “Day 22 The House on the Hill

  1. I love this “crazy quilt” design, Pam. Don’t be so hard on yourself! Your 30/30’s are all looking great! Thanks for visiting and your nice comments on my blog. 😀


  2. Pam I love your work, so much fun and you have a wonderful technique, and wonderful color. Quilting has given you a great eye for color. Keep up the great work, the world needs you…your work makes me happy!


  3. I finally remembered to check out your blog. Pam, this stuff is great! The cheeriness of the colors would make such distinct illustrations for kid’s books. You should keep doing them daily after the challenge for sure!


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