Day 21 Birds of a Feather

Day 21  Birds of a Feather

I can’t believe this challenge will be over soon. I have been stretched so much by having a reason to paint everyday. Thanks so much to Leslie for giving me and so many others this opportunity.
PS. I might just keep painting every day even when the 30 days are over!


9 thoughts on “Day 21 Birds of a Feather

  1. Pam! It’s Sheila! THanks for your comments. I came over to see your work and I LOVE it! I can see you are another whimsical, colourfilled art maker too! I used to make art quilts a long time ago and used to sew lots too…I’ve just fallen back in love with my paitning and drawing I don’t have the time for both! But I have a really good friend I’m going to pass your web site to so she can see your work if that’s okay! Now to post today’s painting!


  2. I like being called a “whimsical, colourfilled art maker”! I think I will use that from now on. Thanks for passing on my info to your friend. I do love the painting, but I am still very much involved in doing quilting for clients.


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