4 thoughts on “Day 20 All Around the Town

  1. Love it! I actually planned a quilt much like this about 10-12 years ago….Square though….It would have been houses of our Church members surrounding a square wherein we could all sign and write notes to our outgoing Bishop. The quilt never happened…. It was fun to be reminded of it today by your fine painting! Less than 10 days to go….I have really enjoyed the experience! How about you? Marilyn Miller

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    • Yes, Marilyn, this challenge has been great. Since I am very new to this, it has really stretched me to keep thinking of new things to draw and paint. But it is disturbing my sleep as I keep coming up with ideas in the middle of the night! I’d like to keep going even after the challenge is over. I’d also like to start making some small quilts based on my designs– but it takes a longer to sew these than to paint them.


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